What am I working on??

Great question!

I have several projects in the works. The first thing on my agenda is finishing book four of the Grand Oak Springs series. This book is all about the doctors you met in book two. There’s more than meets the eye with those two fun loving cousins. On the outside they seem like they have their stuff together, but inside? They are just as wounded as Rayne the feisty heroine of their story. She along with her daughter River come into town and stir up some long lost feelings for the town docs!

Currently, I am about 20% into Saving Rayne (Tentative title). Hopefully for the new year it will be completed and off to the publishers!

After I finish with Rayne’s story, I fully intended to finally give Michelle her HEA with those sexy as sin cowboys!! You know she is more than enough woman to take on those three!

For the rest of the year after Michelle’s Cowboy’s (Tentative title), I plan on working on some contemporary romances. There are so many stories going on at once and I hope that I can jot them all down before the muse takes another vacation!.



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