Update: Grace Ryles

Summer is in full swing in Orlando, so what does that mean? Well it means we have some extremely hott days followed by days of non stop rain! So far, its rained on and off for several days. I can say that I definitely enjoy the rain but I have wanted it to stop so that I can enjoy the outdoors.

So, what have I been up to? Hmm good question. This summer my bestest friend is down and because of that I have been playing hostess and showing her around Orlando…. We’ve gotten into a lot of mischief….. Moving on,  because of that writing has taken a little bit of a back burner and so has reading. But there’s good news! I have finished and submitted the second book to Grand Oak Springs series and I am just waiting for them to say yay or nay…

Currently I am working on my third book in the series which will feature a heroine from the second book and some new mystery men that come to GOS AZ…. Check out my work in progress to see some details. 🙂

Another great update is that my first book has just hit Amazon! Amazon Link Well not just hit, kind of like a couple of days ago, but my computer was being pretty mean…

Life has been so great! and I have to thank everyone who has been there for me and rooted for me.

Thank you to all my readers! I love you all!





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